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Name: Roxie
Age: 15
Location: Salisbury, MD
Gender: female

bands you listen to: the used, afi, matchbook romance, mcr, green day, blink182, marilyn manson, AEROSMITH, ursher. and a lot more
Favorite book: hahaah
Favorite movie: napoleon dynamite
Favorite song quote:  "excuse me while i fall apart, dont flatter yourself sweetheart"
Favorite cd: in love and death-the used, stories and alibis-matchbook romance

opinions on..
emo kids: black rimmed glasses
gay marriage: if you love them it doesnt matter
localscene: yes
are you active in it: yeah
the o.c.: ew..
make us laugh: FLAVAA FLAVVEE...that wasnt funny.

Why should we accept you: bc im the coolest....duh

If you can provide a picture..yeah..but my computers retarded

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